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Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Students’ International Health Association 2017-2018 International Team. This package is designed to give you an opportunity to showcase your interests, goals, and credentials in campaigning for your candidacy as a 2018 International Team Member. We often receive many more applicants than there are positions available, so we strongly encourage you to take your time and fill this application out carefully. SIHA prides itself on the diverse backgrounds of its volunteers and believes strongly in taking a multidisciplinary approach to health promotion. We evaluate each applicant on an individual basis based on personal merit. Completing and submitting this package is the first step in the application process.

Successful applicants will be invited to interviews.

Please complete the following application form by by filling out the questions as accurately and carefully as possible. Note that incomplete or improperly filled out applications may be disqualified. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR ANSWERS WILL NOT BE SAVED IF YOU EXIT THE FORM, OR IF IT CLOSES UNEXPECTEDLY. Therefore, it is advised that you write your answers in an additional document so that you don't lose your work.

This Google Form must also be complete for your application to be considered.

Application deadline: October 10, 2017
If you are selected from your application to participate in a group interview, these will take place October 14 and 15.
If you are selected from the group interview to move onto personal interviews, these will take place October 16-20.
SIHA 101 Orientation: Week of October 23.
Official Training Begins: Week of October 30.

All volunteers accepted to go to Tanzania as part of the International Travel Team are expected to raise $3500 to help cover living expenses and project costs during the placement. Please note that fundraising will make up a significant amount of your participation in the Fall and Winter semesters as an International Team Member. SIHA Fundraising Coordinators work with volunteers to develop a personal fundraising plan that will include the planning and execution of various fundraising activities. Additionally, there is a SIHA Grant Coordinator who will help volunteers each year identify and apply for applicable grants. SIHA also holds some of the same yearly group fundraisers each year through partnerships already in place. These supports are in place to ensure that financial constraints are not a barrier to qualified volunteers being able to participate in this placement.

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Please be aware that all volunteers are required to pass a criminal record check.
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Please give a detailed explanation of one relevant work or volunteer experience that you think will inform your SIHA internship.
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We’re curious about your adventures away from home. Be detailed and let us know where you’ve been, the duration of your trip, the nature of the trip, and who you went with. If you do not have any travel experience (that's totally okay!) don’t be afraid to let us know.
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Extracurricular Activities *
Are you a member of a sports team, do you dance, etc? Please give us a detailed answer.
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In 300 words or less (1500 characters), make yourself stand out. This might be the time to talk about leadership roles you’ve taken on, demonstrations of strong initiative, or instances when you’ve taken big risks or had to make tough decisions. This is an opportunity to relate your experiences to the work SIHA does. We want to hear why you are the best candidate for this program.
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Additional Information
Medical Conditions *
Do you have any medical conditions or special needs for which you may need accommodation?
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Availability *
Please provide us with a brief description of your availability for the Fall and Winter semesters. Time commitment to SIHA is equivalent to taking a course and all members are expected to be available. There will be once weekly 2.5 hour seminars, a full day once per month, and occasional meetings and fundraising.
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Why SIHA? *
There are many volunteer and travel opportunities available for students on campus. Why did you choose to apply for one with SIHA?
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Would you be interested in the additional responsibility of in-country Treasurer as an International Team Member? *
This position entails managing fundraised money and its use while in Tanzania.
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