P.E. Survey 2017
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About P.E. lessons:
Do you enjoy PE?
Explain your answer...
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Do you think PE helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle?
Do you know your strengths and weaknesses in PE?
Do you know what you need to do to improve further in PE?
Select your 3 favourite PE areas...
About after school clubs and competitions:
Have you attended any after-school clubs this year?
Select the clubs you have attended.
Do you think school offers a good range of after school clubs?
Are there any sports clubs you would like to see being provided?
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Have you attended any Heywood Sports Association competitions this year?
Select the competitions you attended.
About our Sports Leaders:
Are you a sports leader?
If yes, what have been the success of your role this year?
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Do you enjoy the activities you provide at dinner times for the children in KS1
About Sports Day:
Compared to other years, on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best), how much did you enjoy Sports Day at the Athletics Arena?
What was your favourite part of sports day?
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How could it have been improved further?
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About WALK a MILE / HIIT training)
Which is your favourite fitness routine?
Do you think the school is right to timetable all of KS2 for a daily exercise routine?
Explain your answer...
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How could these sessions be improved?
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About you - outside of school...
Do you go to any sports clubs outside of school?
If yes, which ones:
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Would you like to join a club outside of school?
If yes, which one?
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What is stopping you from joining a club outside of school?
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