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SDA project will ensure the educational mobility of coaches and other staff of sport organizations (incl. volunteers) linked to professional and grassroots sport. The 4 modules of mobility, held in each one of the partners countries with the same group of participants from the project target group will improve their competences as well as their qualifications and acquire new skills through learning mobility and spending a period of time in a foreign country (in and outside of the EU).
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N.B. Please apply only if you are sure that you will be able to attend the whole duration of the Academy - 4 Modules in the period 2019 - 2020:
• Module 1 - Bulgaria: 11.10-17.10.2019
• Module 2 - Bosnia and Herzegovina: 03.12-09.12.2019
• Module 3 - Croatia: last week of April 2020
• Module 4 - Italy: mid of July 2020
N.B. Correction in the dates of first two modules has been implemented!!!
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