Eyes on the Prize in the Classroom
Documentary filmmakers Marco Williams and Maia Harris are producing a film about the making and legacy of Eyes on the Prize. An important part of the story is how the 14-hour series is used in classrooms today. In addition to your teaching stories, they are looking for teachers who use Eyes on the Prize in the classroom and would be willing to talk to the filmmakers. 

If you have used the documentary in your classroom, please respond to the questions below. 
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What do you like about the documentary, where does it fit in your curriculum, how your students respond, etc.
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Which episodes do you use?
Eyes on the Prize has two parts,  America's Civil Rights Years (1954–1965) and America at the Racial Crossroads (1965–1985). Do you use the episodes from '54-'65, from '65-'85, or both? 
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The filmmakers will follow up with selected respondents. If you are selected, would you consider one or more of the following? (We recognize that school visits would require your administration's approval first.)
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