Anonymous Gift Exchange
Thank you for joining us in Your Local Game Store's first ever friends and family gift exchange! Each amazing gamer will be paired with an anonymous amazing gamer. Gifts can be dropped off the day of the event or a few days early. On the day of the event you can pick up your gift. Anyone who wants to stick around to open their surprises, eat cookies, and enjoy good company is welcome!

Sign up on THIS simple form between now and November 21st.
Our secret helpers (D20's...what else?) will then randomly pair you with another anonymous YLGS shopper!
Shopping dates will run from November 23rd through December 13th
Then join us on Saturday December the 14th for cookies and presents!

Note: If you can't make it on December 14th, you may drop off your gift as early as December 9th.
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If you're struggling, we recommend green or possibly indigo as great options.
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In case you do not know, homemade means someone made it and then gave it to you.
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Movie(s) you would like to own and platform you would like to own them on? *
By platform, we do not mean on stage.
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Paper is still a platform. :)
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What is your music preference and how you consume it? *
By consume, we mean listen.
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By consume, we mean eat.
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This is not referring to consumables.
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The Day Star... it burns us!
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Not a shirt person? Well, you still need one for the store, but for this question, put N/A.
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What sort of things do you usually do on weekends? *
That you are willing to disclose to a complete stranger.
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How do you relax? *
Some of our participants are law enforcement. Please keep this in mind as you answer....
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Do you have any Hobbies? *
What are we kidding, of course you do! That's why you know about our store!
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What is your favorite section in a store? *
In theory, you can list any store, it doesn't have to be YLGS. ...........
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What is your favorite game or game type? *
No, we are not a video game store. However, you may list them anyway.
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List items from your preferred game type that you already have: *
This is to avoid duplication... unless you like duplication. You can never have too many dice.
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What are the things you really don't want/need? *
That someone might buy you. Seriously, you don't need to list EVERYTHING. We didn't leave that much room.
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Please do not list real hippos, front teeth, or ponies. They are currently on back order.
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As is applicable to the gift giving activity. Detailed personal histories are not applicable to gift giving.
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