Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #05
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Cum duo inter se pugnantia ______ in testamento ultimum ratum est.”
Hint: Where two repugnant clauses (or statements) occur in a will, the latter shall prevail.
1 point
“Debita sequuntur personam ______.”
Hint: Debts follow the debtor's person.
1 point
“______ debitor est odiosus in lege.”
Hint: An extravagant debtor is contemned in the eye of the law.
1 point
“Dentur omnes decimae ______ ecclesiae ad quam parochia pertinet.”
Hint: All tithes must be paid to the Mother Church to which the parish belongs.
1 point
“Dies Dominicus non est ______.”
Hint: Sunday is not a day for judicial proceedings.
1 point
“Descendit jus quasi ______ quid, cadens deorsum recta linea; et nunquam reascendit ea via qua descendit.”
Hint: The right of inheritance descends like a heavy body, falling in a straight line ,and it never ascends by the same line that it came down.
1 point
“______ non potest delegare.”
Hint: An agent cannot delegate his authority.
1 point
“Curia ______ vult.”
Hint: The court desires to consider. In difficult cases judgment is frequently reserved.
1 point
“De fide et oflacio ______ non recipitur quaestio, sed de scientia sive sit error juris sive facti.”
Hint: The decision of a judge may be impugned only for error either in law or of fact, but his honesty of purpose or office cannot be questioned.
1 point
“Deus solus ______ facere potest, non homo.”
Hint: God alone is able to make an heir and not man.
1 point
“Debitor non ______ donare.”
Hint: A debtor is not presumed to give.
1 point
“De ______ non curat lex.”
Hint: The law cares not about mere trifles.
1 point
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