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Register here to become an Alumni On-Call to help share your special talents and knowledge with the current corps.

Being an Alumni On-Call is a unique way to give back to the corps that shaped your life, and it allows you to make a connection with the current members, as well as become an integral part of the 2018 Season.

We will need your contact information to verify your Alumni Status. We require all staff and volunteers to fulfill background checks.

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On-Call Positions
**Food Truck** - IMMEDIATE NEED
LOOKING FOR: Physically able volunteers--both with and without kitchen/cooking experience--who can dedicate at least four (4) hours to supporting the service of four (4) meals a day to members, staff, and volunteers.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Assisting Food Service team lead with prepping and serving a variety of meals, inventory and food deliveries, grocery shopping, cleaning and sanitizing, washing dishes, trash removal, packing up cook truck vehicle, etc.

**Merchandise Sales** - IMMEDIATE NEED
LOOKING FOR: Cavalier Promotions, Inc. (CPI) is looking for physically able volunteers--both with and without retail sales experience--who have an outgoing personality, a sense of style and presentation, and a basic understanding of sales techniques and simple math.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Assist Merchandise Sales team lead in managing merchandise inventory, setting up and loading merchandise vehicle before each sales event, engaging with customers, selling The Cavaliers merchandise, and representing the brand.

LOOKING FOR: Drivers with regular licenses (vans, box trucks), CDL Class B with airbrake and passenger endorsements (coach buses), and CDL Class A (full-size semi tractor trailer).

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Standard Professional Driving duties

LOOKING FOR: 1 "Quartermaster" to oversee the Maintenance and Upkeep of all equipment, including but not limited to Equipment trucks interior (instrument and uniform storage, props, food overflow).
ADDITIONAL HELPERS: This is a rather broad category, so please consider these other skills as qualifying you for a position: Mechanics, Electricians, Welders, Carpenters, Engineers, or other "handymen" to assist the Quartermaster.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Assisting Operations team with MANAGING, MAINTAINING, and TROUBLESHOOTING all touring equipment, vehicles, and field props for The Cavaliers, including repairs, part replacement, loading, and unloading.
TROUBLESHOOTING is the key to feeling successful and, in truth, accomplishing anything in this department. Knowing how to repair small engines, such as you find in a portable generator, is not as important as the tenacity to open up the compartment and deduce that a wire from the ignition has come unattached. Reattach, all is well, let the drum sergeant know and move on to the next item, the industrial coffee pot.

LOOKING FOR: Physically able volunteers--both with and without basic sewing/alteration skills--who are detail oriented and organized to support all Uniform Team projects for the care and maintenance of our uniforms.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Daily mending and alterations, cleaning and loading uniform and costume parts, show-day support, periodic uniform laundry efforts, etc.

LOOKING FOR: Cavaliers Medical Group (CMG) is looking for licensed RNs, LPNs, MDs, Physical & Occupational Therapists, EMTs, Paramedics, Athletic Trainers, and Sports Medicine volunteer personnel to advance the health and wellness of The Cavaliers' membership.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Assisting CMG team lead with dispensing and charting medications, treating illnesses and injuries, communicating with CMG network, hydrating the membership, etc.

Dates Needed
These are the times we need extra hands:

**Food Truck** - IMMEDIATE NEED

6/19-6/20 (need 3 volunteers)
6/21-6/23 (need 3 volunteers)
6/30-7/7 (need 4 volunteers) *
7/8-7/11 (need 4 volunteers) *
7/12-7/15 (need 3 volunteers)
7/18-7/23 (need 2-3 volunteers)
7/24-7/26 (need 4 volunteers) *
7/27 (need 2 volunteers)
7/29 (need 2 volunteers)
7/30 (need 2 volunteers)
7/31-8/7 (need 3 volunteers)
8/8-8/12 (need 2 volunteers)

**Merchandise** - IMMEDIATE NEED

* - High Volume Show
** - Regional

June 24th - MICHIGAN CITY, IN= 2-3 Volunteers Needed
June 29th- MUNCIE, IN= 2-3 Volunteers Needed *
June 30th- LISLE, IL= 2-3 Volunteers Needed
July 6th- ROCKFORD, IL Show of Shows= 2-3 Volunteers Needed
July 7th- MINNEAPOLIS, MN= 4-5 Volunteers Needed **
July 14th- DEKALB, IL= 2-3 Volunteers Needed
July 15th- ST. LOUIS, IL= 2-3 Volunteers Needed
July 17th- BROKEN ARROW, OK= 2-3 Volunteers Needed *
July 19th- DENTON, TX= 4-5 Volunteers Needed
July 20th- KATY, TX= 2-3 Volunteers Needed *
July 21st- SAN ANTONIO, TX= 4-5 Volunteers Needed **
July 23rd- MESQUITE, TX= 2-3 Volunteers Needed
July 27th- MURFREESBORO, TN= 2-3 Volunteers Needed *
July 28th- ATLANTA, GA= 4-5 Volunteers Needed **
July 29th- WINSTON-SALEM, NC= 2-3 Volunteers Needed *
August 1st- CHESTER, PA= 2-3 Volunteers Needed *
August 4th- ALLENTOWN, PA= 3 Volunteers Needed **
August 5th- BUFFALO, NY= 2-3 Volunteers Needed *
August 6th- MASSILLON, OH= 2-3 Volunteers Needed *
August 9th-11- INDIANAPOLIS, IN= 5+ Volunteers Needed on rotating schedule throughout The Weekend) ***

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If possible, what date could you start being On-Call for a second term with the corps? (date/month/year e.g. xx/xx/xxxx)
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If possible, what date would you end being On-Call for a second term with the corps? (date/month/year e.g. xx/xx/xxxx)
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Thank you! We can't wait to bring you back on Tour!
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