iGEM 2019 Giant Jamboree Volunteer Application
Please fill out the following information if you wish to volunteer during the 2019 Giant Jamboree, taking place at the Hynes Convention Center on Thursday October 31 to Monday November 4.

Please keep in mind that your first priority as volunteer is to your designated area and that this may mean that you will miss out on some/all presentations, but we will do our best to make sure you have free time depending on the number of volunteers. Unfortunately iGEM HQ cannot provide financial aid or accommodations for volunteers but food will be provided throughout the event, and volunteers will receive complimentary admission for the days they volunteer.

Please note: This opportunity is open to AlumniGEM and other non-team members only. This opportunity is not available to current team members or family members of team members.
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Email address *
Please provide a valid email address that you use regularly. You will receive an email from (kitwa AT igem DOT org), so please add that address to your contacts list.
Have you volunteered for iGEM before? *
How are you affiliated with iGEM? *
Please tell us how you are affiliated with iGEM! Were you on a team in previous years? Have you been involved with iGEM in other ways? Or are you new to synthetic biology and excited to learn about iGEM?
Please select the days you are available to volunteer. Because the Giant Jamboree is a multi-day event, we ask that you commit to at least two days. *
Please select the time(s) of day you are available *
If you are available for a certain day but for less time, please indicate that in "Other". Also, if you are available at different times on your selected days, please note that in "Other".
Please select your shirt size (Men's US sizing) *
Please list any dietary restrictions below. *
If none, please enter "none".
Please list any physical restrictions you may have below. *
Some volunteer work involves lifting and other physical activities. If you cannot participate in these activities, not to worry! There's plenty of other duties we need help with throughout the Jamboree. :-)
Please provide your cell phone number below. *
During the Jamboree, we will use cell phones as our major means of communication between HQ staff and the volunteers.
Honesty Pledge *
By typing your name below, you are agreeing to the following: 1. You will not share your entry badge with anyone else during the Jamboree. 2. You are not affiliated with one of the 2019 iGEM Teams (this includes being a parent of a current team member, or an instructor, mentor, or advisor to the team). 3. Before and during the Jamboree, you will let iGEM HQ know as soon as possible via email or text if you are unable to attend on your scheduled days / times.
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