MASTER COPY FOCUS Readiness Survey
Much about your current missions approach may be excellent, and you will want to retain productive elements. But you may also feel that your present program is inadequate to move your congregation's global involvement forward with sufficient energy and excitement.
Measuring My Vision for Greater Missions Impact
The comments below represent the feedback from various churches. Check those that represent your personal perception of your congregation's current situation.
Is Our Church Ready to Consider a FOCUS?
Evaluate these questions about yourself as a FOCUS selection group. Note areas where the congregation may not be as far along and may need more assistance in being ready for change.

For more detailed explanations of questions, see page 47 in the FOCUS Manual.

We have a passion to accomplish far more for the expansion of the Kingdom and feel a "holy dissastisfaction" with our current missions impact.
We are prepared to make hard choices, saying "no" to some other good projects in order to concentrate our efforts.
We are ready to have our thinking stretched about what missions involves. We will let go of missions traditions if there are more effective ways to mobilize our congregation.
We are willing to invest the time and energy to develop in-depth relationships across cultural boundaries.
We are willing to entrust FOCUS leadership responsibilities to others in our church, even if they may do things quite differently than we would do them.
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