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Schedule Change Policies
Each year, students are strongly encouraged to carefully select courses and alternates that fulfill their four-year graduation plan and endorsements (grades 9-11). From these course selections, we build the Rouse master schedule to accommodate student selections and ensure proper staffing and class sizes. Unnecessary/excessive schedule changes can disrupt a student’s four-year graduation plan as well as course availability and class sizes for all students. Therefore, Leander ISD has established the following policies for schedule changes in order to maintain integrity in the scheduling process (Student Handbook)
Schedule Corrections
Schedule corrections are errors made by the school when constructing a student schedule. Corrections will be considered during the first five (5) class meeting days for the following reasons only:

• The student is a senior and does not have a course required for graduation

• The student does not have the prerequisite(s) for the course

• Course credit was previously received (for example, through summer school, correspondence courses, Examination for Acceleration, etc.)

• A data entry error made by the school (for example, two first-period classes, or a schedule that does not contain the full number of classes)

• Student has been dismissed from/added to a program where approval must be granted for placement

• Student has previously failed this course with the same teacher

• Student needs remedial coursework for state assessment graduation requirements

Schedule Change Request
For any schedule change request, students/parents should carefully consider their course selection sheet, four-year graduation plan, and the course catalog. A parent email and phone number must be included in the space provided on the form. Schedule change requests will be considered during the summer (by August 1st) and must be submitted through this form.

After August 1st, student schedules will not be changed to select different teachers, lunch periods, or any different elective or alternate elective. Any requests to change a schedule will be considered only for a compelling educational circumstance and will be subject to space availability.

Course Level Changes
Course level changes are requests to change from an advanced-level class into an on-level class or another elective. These types of changes can be made now until August 6th; however, once school begins, changes cannot be made until after the first progress report is posted (3 weeks). Advanced course work in high school is the single best preparation for college and career. Students and parents should give very careful consideration to any request to change these courses.
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