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Fill out this form if you're interested in organizing and facilitating a Girls' Night In book club in your city. This is a year-long commitment and will require *at least* 5 hours of your time per month organizing the event, securing venue/food/beverage sponsors, and marketing to help the book club grow in your city. Please only fill out this form if you have a serious interest in organizing events in your city.

Book Club Hosts have the benefit of growing an amazing community of smart and engaged women, helping them meaningfully connect with one another each month. Hosts also have the opportunity to chat with authors, receive free advanced reading copies of books that aren't out yet, and more. This is a paid opportunity — GNI splits ticket revenue with book club hosts. Join the team! #GNIreads

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Responsibilities include: Finding a venue, setting up an RSVP list, finding snacks/drinks sponsors (optional), facilitating book discussions after you've read the book, and communicating with GNI HQ.
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Do you have prior experience securing sponsors for an event, including the venue, food, and beverage? If yes, please elaborate. What does your typical process look like? What methods have you found to be most successful? Can you name examples of brands you've worked with?
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