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Taiwan successfully dealt with SARS, the last major global epidemic, seventeen years ago, during which Taiwan’s public health policies along with their medical interventions managed to keep the public safe. In response to the global pandemic, Taiwan’s Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) and the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM) have teamed up in order to cooperatively develop an effective herbal formulation that will help those suffering from externally contracted seasonal epidemic, named RespireAid. (NPN#80114390)

Medical reports indicate that the patients who received RespireAid experienced significant relief from their symptoms as well as the recovery from palpitations and high blood pressure associated with the infection. To confirm recovery, the patients were further re-tested. In order to be deemed free from the virus, the patients had to test negative three consecutive times within 8 - 10 days. These patients were discharged from the hospital free of symptoms and happy.

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, RespireAid possesses the following therapeutic actions:
release the exterior and diffuse the lung
clear heat and detoxify
open and soothe the chest
dispel phlegm
downbear qi and harmonize the stomach

全球肺炎疫情持續升溫,在各國積極研發疫苗之際, 臺灣中藥團隊吸取17年前席巻全球的SARS 經驗並積極投入臨床, 獲得顯著治療成效。臺灣中醫藥研究所與三軍總醫院合作共同開發治療,由10種中草藥組合調配出的中藥水煎複方【清冠一號】,有效減少受感染病人的住院天數, 並幫助急重症患者扭轉病勢。團隊發現,多數病人在中醫介入後, 發燒症狀緩解,心跳,血壓明顯穩定,8-10天就能采陰順利出院,且無任何副作用。研究進一步發現,【清冠一號】能阻斷患者朝重症發展,並加速痊癒速度,同時減少複陽,重症後肺纖維化等併發症。

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