2017-10 Fall Campout
October 27 – 29, 2017
Join us this month at Charlestown State Park for pumpkin carving, Fall colors and an historic hike to abandoned amusement park Rose Island at Charlestown State Park.
This is your perfect opportunity to come and hang out and enjoy what many would consider perfect Fall camping weather. We will also be carving pumpkins so be sure and bring something to carve a pumpkin with you.

The cost for this camp-out is $36.00 for Scouts which includes a pumpkin to carve and $12.00 for Old
Goats. Old Goats wanting a pumpkin to carve will be an additional $5.00.

Sign up deadline is October 23 rd . Payment is due no later than October 24th.

If you cancel after October 24th you will be charged a cancellation fee to cover advance costs already paid.


Arrive at Fishers Junior High School (131st Street and Cumberland Road) at 5:30 PM on Friday. We meet on the north side of the school. Don’t be late!

Pick up your son(s) at 11:30 pm on Sunday.

Scouts should:

• Wear full Class A uniform for travel to/from camp.

• Scouts should eat before leaving on Friday as some drivers do not allow food in their cars.

• Bring their scout handbook.

• Keep their rain gear with them (if it’s on the trailer when we arrive at camp, it won’t be of much use)

• Be ready to have a great time!

In the event of an emergency, please call either:

• Bryan Spellman at 317-460-5226

• Ed Ratts at 317-402-2249

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