Stanford University STARTALK Advanced Teacher Leadership Development Institute Application 2021
For STARTALK teachers of Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu
Dates: June 30, July 7, July 14, July 16-21, July 28, August 28
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Past STARTALK Experience
This program is designed for STARTALK language and culture educators who have participated in previous STARTALK programs for either students or teachers.
Which year did you attend the Stanford University Teacher Leadership Seminar
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Please list and number the other STARTALK teacher development programs you have attended in the past: *
Please list the name and contact information of the program director or lead instructor for each of the programs that you listed above who could serve as a reference for you: *
STARTALK Principles & Leadership Goals
Please respond to the following questions to assist us in determining your eligibility to participate in this program?
How have you applied what you learned in the Stanford University Teacher Leadership Seminar? *
Describe why you wish to return to the Leadership Seminar and how it can support your personal goals in advancing the teaching of STARTALK languages and cultures in your community. *
Participant Commitment to Program Goals:
By submitting this application I hereby agree to fully participate in the Stanford University/CWLP STARTALK Leadership Development Program and to be video-taped/recorded while engaging in learning or presenting activities for the purpose of documenting and evaluating the overall success of the STARTALK project.
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