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Calling all concerned students of UW Madison! If you are vehemently opposed to campus carry, and want a chance to be on the RIGHT side of history in the opposition to violence and guns on our beloved campus, please apply below to become a protestor with Cocks Not Glocks UW Madison. Mimicking a successful protest held by University of Texas Austin, following campus carry passing in Texas this passed year, we will be carrying sex toys on our backpacks at all times, (to class, the library, etc.) If you are interested sign up below. All protestors will be required to attend an information session where we will discuss how to discuss the sex toy in a sex positive manner, and how to compose your own argument as to why you are uncomfortable and afraid of campus carry legislation. Be prepared, because Cocks Not Glocks has already gained national attention from Cosmopolitan and The Associated Press, this is your chance to get on board, and prevent dangerous firearms from being allowed on our campus.
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