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Natural Pet Care 101
Learning Essential oil use in pets! http://www.i-detox.com/pet-wellness-class
My Aromatic Routine
The use of aromatic substances is no longer the privilege of the elite like in historical times nor are they the privilege of certain “professionals” only today. Anyone willing to learn and have common sense can start benefitting from incorporating these natural substances into their daily life. Experience has shown that repetition of what supports us can bring great benefit when it comes to improving our quality of life. http://www.i-detox.com/my-aromatic-routine
Emotional Wellness 101 & AFT
AFT is a step-by-step process for identifying and releasing negative thoughts, feelings, and memories, by using pure and specific essential oils in conjunction with specific awareness steps. By the use the AFT simple process, blocks that have been holding one’s back may be removed, allowing one to experience greater sense of clarity, joy and possibility in achieving one’s goal’s. : http://www.i-detox.com/emotional-wellness-aft
Superfood Happy Hour
Superfoods are: gluten-free :: dairy-free :: soy-free :: blood-sugar-friendly :: detox-friendly :: balance of raw and cooked :: superfoods-filled http://www.i-detox.com/superfood-happy-hour-ii
Easy Nutritious Breakfast (and Fermentation) Class [not yet scheduled]
This is actually TWO classes in one – Breakfast 101 and Fermentation 101! Learn healthy and tasty alternatives to familiar favourites or get new ideas for your breakfast in this class. Simple FERMENTATION is covered in this class and you can take ideas from this class to making other meals of the day as well! http://www.i-detox.com/easy-nutritious-breakfast-class
Proactive Long Term Health for 40+ <Advanced> [not yet scheduled]
Learn how to PROACTIVELY reduce your risk of modern diseases, to maximise the quality of your life, by learning about self care and nutritional choices and use of safe and concentrated plant essences that control inflammation (the underlying cause of many modern diseases, pain and degeneration), support blood sugar balance, and digestive health, slow down oxidative stress, facilitate detoxification, hormone balance, and natural immunity.http://www.i-detox.com/proactive-long-term-health-with-plant-essences-and-nutrition
New Superfood Sampling (Part 1) & Detox Orientation (Part 2 Optional) Not Yet Scheduled
Whether you are planning to join our structured Superfood Detox program or not, you are very much welcome to join PART I which is educational and with lots of tasting! Over 14 items of tasting including ready-to-eat healthy snacks as well as simple preparation made with authentic superfood ingredients. Taste delicious alternatives to dairy, gluten, sugar and caffeine that you may not know about. (Most participants are surprised!) Learn what to eat more of to control damage of modern living and you can incorporate superfoods and “detox” into your lifestyle in practical ways (including while travelling).NEW FORMAT notice: once you have registered and paid, you will be sent a link with password to access exclusive superfood and healthy eating information that will prepare you to get the MOST out of your Superfood Tasting LIVE experience, and if so you choose to, your Superfood Detox experience. This preparation content (videoed) will cover healthy eating basics, the pitfalls and potentials of “detoxing”, and the surprising link between belief, emotions and physical health.If you know you want to be in our fully structured Superfood Detox program, register with us and pay upfront to save HK$100. Or you can decide after the first session to commit to the program or not. In any case you can learn to integrate more nutritious foods into your lifestyle such as snacks that are actually good for you and eliminate your unhealthy cravings after attending this first session. http://www.i-detox.com/superfood-open-house
Gut Healthy Food Cooking Demo Class (Fermentation 101) <Not Yet Scheduled>
You will learn to make: 1) Quick n' Easy pickled cucumbers 2) Cabbage sauerkraut 3) Probiotic borscht beetroot soup 4) Cultured almond "cheese" spread 5) Dairy-free coconut yogurt 6) Egg-free coconut yogurt mayonnaise Cost: $360/person (At the door), Early bird discount: $300/person (Full payment need to be received by 5pm Sat 25th Feb 2017) Class details: http://www.i-detox.com/gut_healthy_food_demo
簡易有營早餐班 <Not yet scheduled>
這其實是二合一的早餐班-早餐101和發酵101! 可以避免糖、乳製品、咖啡因、轉基因食品、麵筋和加工食品,讓您的消化及免疫系統更健康!http://www.i-detox.com/%E7%B0%A1%E6%98%93%E6%9C%89%E7%87%9F%E6%97%A9%E9%A4%90%E7%8F%AD
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