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As leaders working in communities of color, Initiative 1631 represents an important opportunity for us. This initiative places our communities’ health and well-being front and center in the face of climate change and pollution. Recognizing that we are disproportionately harmed by climate change, I-1631 aims to reduce pollution where it does the most harm while also investing in solutions that will make our neighborhoods cleaner and more prosperous. And it ensures that we have a seat at the decision-making table. Most importantly, I-1631 will build a brighter future for our families and our children.

We hope you join us by endorsing I-1631 down below.

Front and Centered Steering Committee:

Aiko Schaefer | Front and Centered
Rosalinda Guillen | Community to Community
Jill Mangaliman | Got Green
Kim Powe | Puget Sound Sage
Mary Nguyen | Washington CAN
Rich Stolz | OneAmerica
Tony Lee | Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC)
Peter Bloch Garcia | Latino Community Fund
James Rasmussen | Duwamish River Clean Up Coalition
Susan Balbas | Na’ah Illahee Fund
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