Always wanted to read and explore the Bible but never had the time? Perhaps you've been intrigued, confused, or even hurt by the claims of Christianity? If so then whatever your background or belief the Oxford Christian Union (OICCU) would love to offer you the chance to read the Bible with someone!

You can sign-up for one of two opportunities:

1) You can opt to to read the bible one-to-one with a fellow student. If you sign up for this, you’ll be matched with a student from the Oxford Christian Union (hopefully from your own college) who would love to virtually meet you and have a chat and read! You'll be able to decide together what part of the Bible to start reading through. If you have preference then please let your reading partner know, otherwise we'd recommend starting with one of the eye-witness biographies of Jesus' life. Your reading partner will contact you on your Oxford email to organise a time, and find out the best way of doing that - Zoom, Facebook, etc.

2) You can ask to join a bible reading group. If you'd like to take the time to explore the meaning and message of the bible but in the context of a group discussion then this is the option for you! Each group would be led by a couple students from the Oxford Christian Union, and the discussion would be really relaxed, and you'd be encouraged to bring any and all questions you might have.

Please don't feel that you've got to have access to a physical bible - that won't be an issue! There are several free-to-access online bibles available, and your reading partner /group leader will be happy to recommend one to you.

If you're at all interested in either of the above opportunities then please fill out the form to let us know. Completing the form does not commit you to anything, and after you've completed it we'll get in touch via email to arrange more specific details :)

Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union
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We'll do our best to match you with a student(s) from your own college.
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If there's a specific student from your college or the wider University CU who you'd like to request to read with please let us know in the box at the end of the form. Also if you want to read with a friend and a CU student as a group of three let us know at the bottom! :)
Would you be interested in being part of group who read and discuss the Bible together? *
We love doing things in community so feel free to be part of a group with a friend. If there's someone else who has also signed-up you'd like to be part of your group please let us know in the box at the end of the form. :)
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