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Club Rules and Conditions
(1) No responsibility or liability shall be taken or incurred by Wellington Aikido Club, Incorporated (the Club) or by its instructors for accidents that may occur during training or on the Club premises.

(2) Prior to submitting an application, new students must inform an instructor or the Club in writing of any potentially serious health condition he or she may have. After submitting an application every student must inform an instructor or the Club in writing of any potentially serious health condition he or she may have when they become aware of it.

(3) Each student undertakes to pay annual membership and training fees to the Club until notification of termination of this agreement is given, or received, in writing by the Club.

(4) All fees are non-refundable.

(5) All payments must be made in full to the Club.

(6) While training students must obey their instructor who has the right to expel any student from training.

(7) Inappropriate, aggressive or otherwise offensive behaviour during training or while on the Club premises is expressly forbidden.

(8) No one may train under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

(9) Students must at all times maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, including wearing clean keiko-gi (training uniform) while training. Hands and feet must be clean with fingernails and toenails kept short at all times.

(10) No jewellery is to be worn by any person participating in training.

(11) No one with any open cuts or sores may train.

(12) Any student under the age of 16 years of age must provide to the Club a signed approval from a parent or legal guardian before submitting an application.

(13) The Club has the right to refuse to permit any student to train and suspend or terminate this agreement immediately in writing without notice.

(14) Every applicant, by becoming student also becomes a member of the Wellington Aikido Club, Incorporated and in addition to these rules and conditions will abide by the constitution of the Club for as long as the student is a member.

(15) This agreement contains all the terms and conditions under which the applicant agrees to undertake training at the Wellington Aikido Club, Incorporated and any express or implied condition, statement, or warranty statutory or otherwise, not stated herein is expressly excluded.

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