Fight for funding for Curl Curl Lagoon! #LoveOurLagoon by JamesGriffinMP
As the Member for Manly, I am calling on the NSW Government to provide important funding for important rehabilitation works to clean up Curl Curl Lagoon.

How will the funding help clean up Curl Curl Lagoon?

The funding will support the "From Pollution to Pride" program overseen by the Northern Beaches Council which includes:

• Supporting the significant work undertaken by the Curl Curl Lagoon Friends by involving schools and the community in mass plantings along the lagoon site
• An education program for business and residents upstream of Greendale Creek and around Curl Curl Lagoon
• Installation of signage along the paths and structures around the Lagoon to provide information on the lagoon condition and how to get involved in rehabilitation

Please support this fight by sharing this page.

Together we can help fund the further rehabilitation of Curl Curl Lagoon, on this and more projects to come.

Please note that this petition is intended for constituents of the State Electoral District of Manly, if you are unsure if you fall within the boundary please check the boundary map at, email or call my office on 9976 2773.
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