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To better support families with the academic demands of public education, we are opening a resource room for specialized learning support. Our resource room is led by a master's level special education teacher and can be accessed online or in person at the East Peoria Clinic.

This program will assist students in organizing their school work, making a plan for the week, studying for tests, completing assignments, and implementing strategies to improve learning and retention.

Support can be online or in person at the East Peoria Clinic.

Cost of the program is $350 for ten hours of group-based instruction (billed in 30 minute increments). A student-parent interview will be conducted prior to providing support services. This will take approximately 1 hour with a fee of $90. 1:1 support is available for $65/hour.

Resource Room hours will be made available by the end of July when we better understand the area school schedules.

Available Fall 2020.
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