2020 Stay With Us: Temescal Canyon application for accommodation January 30 - February 3, 2020
Once we receive your application, we will email you to confirm if your first choice is available. It is a special privilege to stay on the park grounds in their cabins.

Please understand we must confirm with Temescal Canyon, a national and state park, before we can confirm your request.

This is an excellent opportunity to practice patience. Thank you for understanding!

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SOLD OUT Chautauqua Cabin, semi-private, 1 queen, 1 twin, maximum 3 guests $140/PER NIGHT PER PERSON (you may rent entire cabin for 260/per night), request to reserve for the night of:
Cabin 12, 2 bedrooms, 1 queen, 3 twins, maximum 5 guests. $120/PER PERSON PER NIGHT. (you may rent entire cabin for $390/night)
Cabin 10, 1 full, 1 queen, 2 rooms, small kitchen, $120/per night per person, maximum 3 guests. (you may request to rent entire cabin for $330/night)
Cabin 9, 2 bedrooms, 5 twin beds $120 per person per night, maximum 5 guests (you may request to rent entire cabin for for $360/night)
Communal cabins, $70/PER NIGHT PER PERSON. Communal cabins are rustic: you will get your own bunk bed. It's modern pod style communal living meets summer camp in the woods. In the beauty and peace of the forest, it's a great way to be with others. Cabins 1-8, shared bathroom.
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Sunday retreat activities will require a change of location as the entire group moves to the New Year Renewal Ceremony and Celebration at Yo San University. We will then return to Temescal Canyon for evening activities. Will you have a car, or would you like us to help you ride share Sunday with another retreat participant? *
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