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For our Guide to SXSW 2020 Conference, we would like to add some extra info about Austin and technology quotes. Our Guide is created for the SXSW attendees and startups and will be promoted to them.

Here is our 3-minute form.
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Which technology will change the world in 2020?
Which crucial problem will AI solve by 2025?
What is the impact of AI in non-tech industries?
What are the main problems of startups that technology can help?
Business and Networking
Who are the most interesting people from Austin to follow?
What are the best coworking spaces for freelancers in Austin to work as a freelancer?
What are the best networking events in Austin?
Free Time
What are the best restaurants in Austin?
What are the Must-See and Must-Do things in Austin?
Is there any place, event or activity you can recommend in Austin?
Anything else?
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