Let's Go Shopping: Door Prize Registration
Note: the door prizes have all been drawn. You can still fill out this form to be alerted when the recording is available or to get information on the vendors.

Thank you for participating in the Let's Go Shopping Event!

Are you ready for a chance to win some cool prizes? Fill out your name and email below! Prizes will be drawn during the day. IN addition, some vendors may give away prizes to those who are present at the time of the drawing, so it pays to participate.

Only one entry per person, please.

Multiple attempts to submit your name and email may result in your disqualification from the drawings.
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Would you like to receive one introductory email with information about the vendors participating in the Let's Go Shopping event and a link to the recording of the event? This may include special deals and discounts. *
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Rules and Info
Your name and email address are being stored, and we will not use it in any manner not explained on this form, or during the Let’s Go Shopping Event. It will be used to notify you if you win a door prize. If you have elected to receive further communication from vendors, you will receive one introductory email. Your name and email address will not be sold, shared outside of the listed vendors on the Let’s Go Shopping schedule, or shared with any vendors if you did not consent. Submission of this form does not guarantee a door prize. All decisions are final.
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