End of the Year Awards  - 6A
Choose who you think should receive each award! Be honest!
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Who are you? *
Mr. / Miss Manners *
For always being respectful and courteous with everyone!
Mr. / Miss Caring *
For always looking out for the happiness of others!
Morning person *
For always being a happy, enthusiastic ray of sunshine in the morning!
Right hand star *
For always being there to help, whenever help is needed!
Support System *
For always being a friend who is willing to hear out our problems and concerns.
Class comedian *
Because we can always count on you to make us laugh! Even when we're down!
Never a dull moment! *
For always being an active participant in the classroom.
Ravenous reader *
Because we know how much you love a good book!
Mr/Miss Sports *
For your love of sports!
Mathlete *
For showing dedication and commitment to all things Maths!
Writing Wizard *
For showing dedication and commitment to writing!
6A Idol! *
For your musical talent!
Future teacher *
Because if you could, you would be a teacher right now!
Future scientist *
For your love of all things science!
Hollywood Star *
Because you are an animated and creative actor/actress!
Computer magician *
Because you are a technology genius!
Amazing artist *
For your artistic talents and creativity
Always smiling *
For always brightening our days with your enthusiastic and bright smile!
Time keeper *
For always keeping an eye on the clock and our class on schedule!
Task master *
For putting "first things first" and always working hard at your assignments.
Handwriting hero *
For always having the best notes and diagrams! We all look up to you!
King / Queen of questions *
For always asking royally excellent questions during lessons!
Zookeeper *
For your love and care of animals and nature
And last, but not least, which one do you think you deserve the most? *
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