PokéMC Staff Applications
Welcome to the PokéMC staff applications!
--[ Requirements ]--
+ Minimum 16 years old (15 year olds may be considered, see below)
+ Have played actively on the server for at least three (3) consecutive weeks.
+ Carry yourself in a responsible and respectful manner.
+ Understand and uphold all community rules.
+ Have a passion for helping people, the server, and the community as a whole.
+ Be adaptable and willing to learn as things move quickly!
+ While we usually only accept staff applications from people over 16 years old, we may consider applications from people who are 15 years old *if* that person has consistently demonstrated the qualities we look for in our staff, this will be entirely at our discretion.

Failure to meet the above requirements will result in a rejected application.
Staff have the right to reject an application for any reason we deem necessary.
Previous experience is NOT required. Any information that is found to be false or exaggerated in any way will hurt your application significantly.
Troll or falsified applications will not be tolerated and may incur consequences for repeat offenders.
Staff Branches and which is right for you

Staff members of different branches are responsible for their own set of duties. However, any staff member can dip into tasks of other branches if they choose!

--[ Community Engagement ]-- (CE)
One half of the moderator team! CE mods are responsible for engaging with the player base on all fronts. Welcome and guide new players, solve interpersonal conflicts, and investigate any troubles players may encounter. They're both a friendly face and helping hand to the community.

--[ Events ]-- (EV)
One half of the moderator team! EV mods are our game hosts. Lead the server in a wide variety of fun, personally hosted minigames. You have the freedom to put your own creative twists on existing games to keep things fresh, and bring new game ideas to the table.

*The mod teams work hand in hand and you will be trained in both. If no one is available from the other branch you may be needed to step in to help. Please choose which one you feel suits you best.

--[ Tech Team ]-- (Tech/Developers)
The Tech Team's job is to upkeep the backend of the Server. They are responsible for keeping plugins up to date, writing configs, engineering command blocks for games, and finding new plugins for the server.

--[ Build Team ]-- (BT)
Build Team is responsible for our beautiful maps and many minigames! We always have several projects in the works; both new and reworks of old content. We'd love to get more talented builders on the team to bring these ideas to life.

--[ Support Team ]-- (SU)
Support Staff is the catch-all for staff who offer skills that don't fit into other branches. This is for our artists, document management, and general upkeep of day-to-day and recurring server maintenance. They may even be a jack of all trades, dipping into every branch because they have so many ideas and the initiative to get things done.

--[ All Staff Responsibilities ]--
+ Welcome new players to the server.
+ Answer questions from players or direct them to someone who can help.
+ Dutifully upkeep the the responsibilities of your branch.
+ Lead by example and uphold community rules.
+ Be a team player and work well with others.
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