PokéMC Staff Applications
Welcome to the PokéMC staff applications!
Some things to know before applying!

We are looking for staff in each of our different departments, but there are some basic requirements that fall into EVERY role:

As a staff member, you are now a leader within the community, regardless of your position. Be a role model that players can look up to, and uphold the rules and character as someone true, fair, and honest.

Welcome new players to the server.
Answer any questions members may have.
Jump in to do overall ‘Mod’ Stuff in case of Emergencies

A responsible and respectful character.
To follow and enforce all server rules.
Must be at least 16 years old and have played on the server for at least two weeks.
Must have a love and passion for helping people, the server, and the community as a whole.

If we find out you did not follow any of the above requirements your application will be considered void and will get rejected. Further action and punishments will be placed for continuous offenders.
Our departments and which one is right for you
Here is a brief description of each of our departments for more in depth Look choice the department of your choice blow to start the application.

Community engagement - One half of the mod team! These Mods are the peacemakers and the friendly face of the server! The community engagement dept wants to make sure the experience here is one of the best our members will ever have. Members should be able to count on us to help with their problems and issues, no matter how complicated it can be.

Events- The other half of the mod team, and as the Name implies, the Event Teams work revolves mostly around hosting, finding and making up Events on the Server. Together with the Community Engagement Team they can also decide to promote certain Events that are particularly liked by the Community.

*Please note both of these roles work hand in hand and you will be trained in both and if no on one is on from the other team you may need to step up and do the other side of the moderation department. Please choice which one you feel suits you better.

Tech Team
The Technical Teams Job is to take care of any Issues coming up on the backend of the Server to ensure everything is running smoothly on the front end. A lot of the Technical Teams work is not directly seen until something breaks.

Build Team
The Build Server is this Teams second Home. Their main Job is to bring new Assets to the Map, rework existing Areas and Buildings and help other Teams should for Example an Arena for a Game be needed.

Support Team
Support staff are members of our community who want to step up and support the server via staff in other ways other than moderation. People who may not have the skills for build/tech teams. This can be more background stuff like google documents for the other departments or maybe just getting active within the server for staff discussions on how to help better the server. Without all the responsibility of dealing with player issues or running events. Overall they are here to support the server in any way they can.

Which role are you applying for? *
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