STiN Application
Clarkston Education Foundation offers Student in Need Grants for students who have a financial need or hardship and require help paying for dual enrollment or AP classes.

Eligible students must meet AT LEAST ONE of the following requirements:
-student qualifies for free/reduced lunch
-student is able to demonstrate a financial need
-student has extenuating circumstances that require outside forms of financial assistance

Your application for spring classes must be received by March 12, 2021 for consideration. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The application form must be submitted in full in one sitting. UNFINISHED FORMS CANNOT BE SAVED. Please allow at least 1 hour to complete the application.
Full Name *
Email address *
Phone Number *
High School GPA (minimum 2.0 required) *
Class Information
Please list the course, number of credits and amount requested below. You may request up to 3 classes. Make sure your list follows the format of the example:

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Please tell us why you need this grant and what your future goals are. *
By typing my first and last name below I acknowledge I am the person applying for this grant and my responses are true to the best of my knowledge. *
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