Indoor Football 2018-2019
Peil Faoi Dhíon 2018-2019
A chairde,
Sciath na Scol is happy to continue our new initiative focusing on Indoor Football. We hope that even more schools will take part and support where possible and expect Indoor Football to become an important part of the Sciath na Scol calendar. Last year, over 110 teams took part in the initial running of the Series and feedback was very positive.
In an effort to stay as true as possible to the nature of Gaelic Football, we are continuing to trial a new style of game using “Pella Posts”. Pella is a company based in County Meath that manufactures “Pella Posts” and have installed them in over 100 venues across the country. Thus far, the posts have been installed in halls in Blackrock GAA, Little Island Community Centre, Mallow GAA, Ballinacarriga, Whitechurch Community Centre and Donoughmore Community Hall.
Essentially, the Pella posts are 5ft rings that are fixed to the end walls at approximately the same height as normal basketball nets. For further pictures and videos, please see The games last year were fast paced and provided the children with a new and enjoyable experience. A First Touch football will be used.
Schools may choose which venue to participate in and every effort will be made to accommodate same. The entry fee will be €20 per team and a cheque for same must be sent to the Sciath na Scol Office by Friday 24th November.
We hope to arrange the teams in groups of 5 for each afternoon and each team should get at least 4 games. The girls blitzes will take place week beginning 4th December and the boys the week beginning 11th December. THE CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES IS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24TH.
This year, the focus of the competition will again be on non-competitive blitzes for girls and boys in 4th classes.This year, we are enabling schools to enter 3rd Class teams in 3rd Class blitzes.
As the rules and arrangements for this year are very much provisional, we look forward to your patience as we try to develop this new competition for the children. Due to the relative lack of venues, this year schools may only enter 1 team in a given competition, ie a school can’t enter a second boys or second girls team.

Peil Faoi Dhíon – Provisional Rules
The normal rules of Gaelic football shall apply with the following amendments:
1. One hop, one solo rule will apply.
2. A score can only be scored from within the opponents half.
3. A "point" will be awarded when the football is played by hand into the goal.
4. A "goal" will be awarded when the football is played by foot into the goal.
5. A 4 foot zone along the walls will be marked out and no player shall be allowed to enter this ‘exclusion zone’.
6. Any player who engages in deliberate rough play and forces an opponent against the wall will concede a penalty kick. This kick will be taken from mid-way between the half way line and the opponents goal.
7. All back and side walls are in play.
8. The ball can be picked cleanly from the ground as in ladies football.
9. Panels of 10, 6 players on the pitch at a time, though this may vary according to the venue size. First Touch football shall be used.
10. A team who kicks the ball off the roof will concede possession to their opponents and play shall continue.

Yours in sport,
Mark O’Driscoll
Indoor Games Officer Development Officer

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Entry is €20 per team entered (please post relevant fee to Indoor football, Sciath na Scol, Páirc Ui Rinn, Boreenmanna Road, Cork.
Please note that girls may not play in boys’ competition and vice-versa.• Each panel should consist of no more than 10 players. •
Please submit fee of €20 per team on or before November 24th.
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