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Welcome. You may have found this place via our website, a word of mouth recommendation, or a review.

Who We Are : Our consultation service is run by an experienced, trusted team of homeschool mums. Between them is about 40 years worth of expertise. Whether you are an expat or local, with children of preschool ages to teens, we will be able to help you with all homeschooling matters in Singapore.

Our Story : Our homeschool consultation services started in 2018, birthed out of a pressing need to address incoming requests about homeschool matters. We noticed an increase in requests from parents of teens who wish to seek an alternative route to mainstream education, as well as more general enquiries about homeschooling in Singapore.

Homeschooling is a tailored education for each child by the parent, so there are no formulas or a one-size-fits-all programme. But in Singapore, switching from the mainstream to homeschooling could be daunting if one has not been exposed to homeschooling. The Compulsory Education Act in Singapore also means that you have to seek approval from the Ministry of Education for homeschooling through the primary years.

We realise that although there are blogs and websites about homeschooling, some may prefer a face-to-face coaching session to ask questions pertaining to homeschooling, or request for a personal guide for a particular season e.g. how to prepare for the CE exemption, what to prep for teen homeschooling.

What You Can Look Forward To : We have 20 areas of expertise to offer you advice on. (The information is on the next page.) These areas cover all our known grounds of homeschooling concerns in Singapore. We strive to be as specific as we can to tailor to your immediate needs. Although homeschooling in Singapore is not for everyone, it does work for those who want it. We are pleased to say that our clients have gained confidence and felt helped in their homeschooling journey.

How Much It Costs : The consultation package is SGD $150 for up to 3 areas to consult. What you pick is flexible and tailored to your needs.

If you need help, please email us. We will be very happy to explore with you what works, and how to get started.

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