ASM 2017 Colloquium Session Proposal Form
Directions: Each colloquium session will include 4-6 presenters. Participants will share with each other prior to the conference short (1,000 word) précis of their work. At the conference, participants will briefly present their work to each other, followed by collaborative discussion of their ideas. This forum is ideal for exploring new topics or developing works-in-progress: e.g., sharing book proposals, developing a paper into a book chapter or article, and sharing research findings and preliminary conclusions.

Colloquium session organizers must provide an abstract describing the theme of the session, as well as the names and contact information of individual presenters via this form.

Colloquium presenters must also submit individual presentation proposals for the session via the “Presentation Proposal Form.”

If you have questions about formulating a colloquium proposal, contact Alison Fitchett Climenhaga ( and Al Tizon (

Session Title
The title should clearly describe the colloquium topic even when listed without an abstract.
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Session Abstract
300 words or less. Abstracts should describe the theme of the colloquium.
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Organizer's Name
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Organizer's Institutional Affiliation
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Organizer's Position or Title
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Presenter Information
Please list the name, institutional affiliation, and email address of each panel participant. (Reminder: Individual presenters should also submit their titles, abstracts, and information individually through the presentation proposal form.)
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Questions about submitting a colloquium session proposal? Contact Alison Fitchett Climenhaga at
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