In-Residence Final Exam Review Sessions Interest Survey, Fall 2017
In-residence finals review sessions are back once again! Every semester, Columbia Residence Hall Leadership Organization (RHLO) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) invite professors of commonly-taken courses into our residence hall lounges to lead review sessions for their final exams. We'd like to know which courses you'd like us to prioritize!
What class year are you? *
Which school are you in? *
Where do you live on campus? *
This'll help us match review session locations to local demand.
Which of the following courses are you interested in having review sessions for? *
Even if there's already a review session scheduled, we might be able to convince your instructor/TA to move it to a residence hall! Also, these are just some of the largest courses this semester – if you can think of something you want but don't see, tell us below!
Would you be interested in contacting your professor, instructor, or TA for one or more of the above courses? *
We'd be INCREDIBLY grateful for your help. When students in a class reach out to their instructor, it's by far the most personal and effective approach to catching their interest. We'll provide all sorts of template emails for you and all the information you'll need!
If so, which courses? *
Please list the course number, title, and instructor/TA (e.g. "COCI 1101, Contemporary Civilization, Theodor Geisel"), on separate lines. Enter "N/A" if you answered "No" above.
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If you're interested in helping contact professors, at what email address can we reach you? *
Enter "N/A" if you answered "No" two questions above.
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