MS/HS Athletic Uniform Questionnaire 國高中校隊隊服調查表
AST has received some input regarding school uniforms from parents that would prefer different approaches to our purchasing and supplying of uniforms for AST athletics. We are also faced with a need to purchase additional uniforms for the upcoming seasons. This has left us with the question of how to proceed both now and in the future. 最近AST接到一些家長關於學校運動隊服的建議,有些甚至希望隊員們自行購買個人的隊服。 學校準備校隊運動服本來就有許多層面皆需考慮,感謝家長的建議。目前, 我們正將為接下來新球季添購更多運動隊服. 因此面臨要如何同時解決現在以及未來的問題。

If your child is in MS or HS athletics, please answer the following survey by the end of the Chinese New Year Holiday, thank you!
如果您的孩子是初中或高中運動校隊隊員,請回答下列問卷, 謝謝!

Please indicate how your child participates in AST athletics. 我的孩子如何參加學校運動 *
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