Dadpreneur - Let's connect the family together!
A loud shout to all the smart people out there !

Dadpreneur is building the next generation family relationships platform.It not only envisage how one child spend a time with their family members but also evolve the way family members interact with each other.We create an ambiance where family be your friends and you be the hero for them.We are unique.We are ending the problem of communication gap.

Building the next "Big platform" for family members which will be highly responsible to make family talk,interact,have fun and get social with each other.

Grab a chance to be a part of our team!

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Support and assistance -

Exam breaks will be allowed on the prior notice and we promise you will never be asked to miss a college to work for us :P

Minimum Duration :2 months

Perks :
A. Certificate
B. Letter of recommendation (only on the basis of performance)

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