Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Nicholas Eparchy, the purpose of this questionnaire is to find out more about you and your needs and interests. This questionnaire is completely anonymous; we do not ask for your name. Please be as candid and honest as possible in your responses. Your answers will help us better understand how to invest our resources to help our Eparchy grow and serve you.

- Commission on Laity of the Diocese of St. Nicholas (UGCC)

1. How often do you come to the church?
2. Why do you go to the church?
3. Which of the following are you interested in?
4. Would you come to the church more often and take a more active part if you had the opportunity to participate in the following programs?
5. Optional: If you have any additional tips or recommendations, please write them down below:
Your answer
6. Optional: What parish do you attend?
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