Annual Youth Night Permission Form 2020-21
By electronically submitting this form parent/guardians will be giving permission for their students to fully take part in all aspects of the given youth event, understanding that there are risks involved with the event; but also trusting that staff and volunteers of EEMC do all they can to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.
Student's first and last name(If multiple, you can add all names) *
What is the best email address to reach student's family at? *
Student's healthcard # *
Student's address *
Is there anything we should know about your student's mental or physical health/are they taking any medication or do they have any allergies? *
*Covid-19 Masks* If there is a physical, developmental, personal health etc reason why your student is exempt from wearing masks indoors would you please give a brief explanation below. This will remain confidential amongst Church staff and if necessary, youth leaders. *
Who would you like us to contact in the event of an emergency? *
What is the best phone number to contact in the event of an emergency? *
Do you give us permission to Emmanuel Student Ministries to post pictures of your student on Instagram or within youth group and church communications? *
By clicking "yes" below you give permission to your student(s) to attend youth group at Emmanuel EMC. *
What is the name of the person who filled out this online permission form? *
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