Letter from Mayor Wendell Koontz

Dear Hotchkiss Citizens and Community Members,
The Town of Hotchkiss is updating the Town's Master Plan in 2017. Your knowledge and ideas are essential for the future of Hotchkiss and the Community. The goals we set for ourselves as a Town will give Trustees and Staff direction for the next 5 to 10 years. We want to know your ideas on business and residential development, infrastructure, public safety, and economic development. Our existing Master Plan was originally developed in 2005 and updated in 2010.
The Hotchkiss Planning Commission will take all the information from this survey, Public Meetings, and Public Hearings to revise and develop a new Draft Master Plan. The draft will be open for public review and editing. A final updated Master Plan is projected to be completed by early 2018. Please look for notices on the Town of Hotchkiss website, on your utility bills, and in the local papers.
It is worth noting that a Master Plan is not a legal document but the framework to guide our future. Our Master Plan will coincide with the new Master Plan in progress for Delta County and also incorporate plans from the County Fairgrounds, Pool, Park and Recreation District, community schools, Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Fire Department, and others. All these entities are stakeholders in our community and have an opportunity to provide input and direction. Hotchkiss business owners and all the residents in the surrounding areas should take this opportunity to provide their input.
Thank you for your participation and please feel free to join us at the Planning Commission (4th Wednesday of every month) or at the Board of Trustees (second Thursday of every month).
Mayor Wendell A. Koontz

A. What is your age group? *
1. Where in the Hotchkiss area do you live? *
2. How long have you lived in the Town of Hotchkiss? (If you answered (A) above.)
3. Are you a business owner? *
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4. What is your present housing situation? *
5. Do you have a computer in your home with Internet service or an Internet enabled smart phone? *
6. What do you like best about living in Hotchkiss or the Hotchkiss area? Select 3 items of the highest importance to you personally *
7. Please choose the top five infrastructure and recreation items you feel need the most improvement in Hotchkiss. *
8. Please choose the top three public safety items you feel need the most improvement in Hotchkiss. *
9. Choose 2 kinds of new housing that you see a need for in Hotchkiss. *
10. Where should the future location of newly imported residential mobile homes be? *
11. Where do you feel multi-family housing (apartments) should be built in the future? *
12. What is the maximum size of multi-family housing you want to see in the future? *
13. Where should new low impact businesses be allowed to locate in Hotchkiss?
14. Where do you think new moderate impact businesses should be allowed in Hotchkiss? *
15. Where do you think high impact businesses should be allowed to locate? *
16. Choose the items that you feel the Town should use to address economic development. *
17. Would you support a small sales tax increase if that money were reserved specifically for economic development projects and funding? *
18. Should the Town consider financial incentives to significant new businesses that agree to locate within the Town? (Example: Free or reduced water/sewer tap fees, etc.)
19. In considering the 2017 Town budget, the Town Council faced a significant General Fund shortfall. The General Fund supports Office Administration, Law Enforcement and some of the Public Works duties. The Town sales tax levy is currently 2% and is split evenly between the General Fund and the Capital Improvements Fund. Would you support an increase of up to one percent to the Town sales tax if the money were reserved specifically for the General Fund? *
20. Of the following existing Town or within Town recreational amenities, which ones do you feel are most important? You may choose several. *
21. What would encourage you to use the North Fork Pool and other recreational amenities in Hotchkiss? *
22. If money and other factors were no problem, what is the next recreational opportunity in the Hotchkiss area you would like to see implemented? *
23. Do you have a strong concern about the Town of Hotchkiss and its future that is not addressed elsewhere in this survey or in the current 2012 Master Plan? Please Explain *
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