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Hello! Thank you for contacting Placebo Records and Phantasii, our digital venue. This submission form serves as a way for you to get your music and brand in our hands. We would love to have you be a part of performances and be connected within the Placebo Records Network. We look forward to learning more about your individual style!

************If you are not a musical artist, please note that we are also looking for visual artists! We regularly cycle and highlight visual artists as submissions come through. Please fill out the form as best fits you.

We, Placebo Records, are an alt-pop label, and we tend to look for music with a pop-skewing stance for artists on our label as well as performing within Phantasii. Although we are looking for artists that dance with the fringes of pop, this doesn't exclude other genres! Submit your music, and we'll listen to see if it makes sense for both you as an artist and for us.

We are going to consider the following topics to make sure your music and brand best align with Placebo Records/Phantasii:

- Image: Originality, continuity, comprehensive brand
- Quality: Mixed + mastered to an industry standard, release ready content
- Arrangement: Fulfills the pop song structure
- Reach: Consistency, frequency of posts, engagement

Visual Artists

-3d renders are a plus
-Video loops and content are great
-We love glitchy and abstract work
-Don't be shy, we'd love to put up your work!

Additionally, Placebo Records has strong values in empathy, inclusion, and community. In tandem, we have zero tolerance for groups and individuals in direct conflict with our goal of uplifting marginalized peoples and creating a community born from equality, understanding, and a passion for music.
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Our values circulate around uplifting artists, amplifying BIPOC, LGBTQ+ voices, and developing blooming talent in a nurturing and honest environment. If you are to work with Placebo Records/Phantasii, we want to ensure you align with these values. Do you understand and support these values? *
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