Becoming a Learning Superstar
The biggest problem facing students is that they haven’t been taught how to learn. In most cases schools focus on test results and standardised tests. Few students are taught about learning and developing the particular mind-set and skills that can help them graduate not just with great grades but with an exceptional mind. In this course we'll cover the following topics:

1. The motivation to learn
2. How do we learn?
3. Discovering your skills and strengths
4. Developing effective habits in class
5. Working in groups and networking
6. Managing time and spaces
7. Mastering homework and assignments
8. Creative thinking
9. Better reading, writing and research
10. Delivering dynamic presentations

In the session with parents we'll cover:
1. Understanding how learning happens
2. How to help with homework and assignments and exam preparation
3. Working with teachers
4. Preparing for university
5. Parenting with balance

Taught by Sh Tariq Appleby

Date: 2 Dec 2018, Sunday
Time: 9.30am - 5pm

For ages 11 - 17

Normal price: RM 90
Child/children of AREES alumni: RM85
Group registration (2 or more): RM85/pax

Lunch and snacks provided.

Venue: AREES Training Centre, Kota Damansara

Contact: +6010 831 5644

Fee Payment Details
Payee : Arees Training Centre Sdn Bhd [1097218-U]
Account Number: Maybank 564276 519273
Email Address :


Instagram: arees_malaysia

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