Elf Jr. The Musical Cast Parent Survey Questionnaire
We appreciate your hard work on this show! Please take a moment and give us some feedback by completing the following questionnaire. Your input helps us as we plan our future productions. Thank you for choosing CTE!
How many of our shows have you assisted with?
How did your family find out about our auditions?
Please mark all that apply.
Audition Components
Please mark the answer that best describes your opinion about the following components related to your child's participation.
Needs work...
Registration process
Expectations and policies
Times and location
Audition process
Rehearsal Components
Needs work...
Use of time
Performance Components
Needs work...
Overall quality
Teamwork and support
I'd like to my child to participate again!
How did your committee work go? Please mark your opinions about the following areas.
Training for the assignment
Communication within committee
Communication between staff and committee
Supplies and materials available
Time expectations
Budget amount available
Teamwork among committee members
Additional comments or suggestions you think would be helpful:
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Please list a couple of things you you liked most about volunteering and tell why.
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What did you, your child, or your family gain or learn from this experience?
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What does CTE mean to you and/or your family?
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Would you recommend CTE to others?
(Optional) Name and contact information
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May we use your name and comments as needed for marketing purposes?
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