Hands on Axure 01 - Assignment
Practice is mandatory to learn new material. This assignment aims to help you learn these new skills efficiently by using the informations shared in the tutorial available here : http://cornelia.works/hands-on-axure-01-interface-overview/

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Practice your new skills using all and only the features you learnt in the video. If something is more complex or seems difficult, leave it aside for now
Create a greyscale, outlined, sketchy and static prototype (ignore sliders, menus and other fancy animations) of the following three pages with simple links to navigate from one to the other, http://metmuseum.org/ http://metmuseum.org/visit/buy-tickets and http://metmuseum.org/events/find-events upload the prototype to Axshare or the source file to a filesharing service, then submit the links to the prototype in the field below
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