2019 M2O Escort Boat Captain Availability
Form to be completed by escort boat captains. Contact Shannon at escortboats@molokai2oahu.com with any questions.
1. Escort boat captain name: *
Enter your first and last name.
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2. Are you available to escort the M2O race on Sunday, July 28, 2019? *
Captains who select "No" can scroll down to bottom of form and click Submit
2a. If you are already assigned to an athlete, please list his/her name.
Type in athlete name and then scroll down to bottom of form and click Submit
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2b. If available, please select your paddler preference
3. Are you based in Oahu, Maui or Molokai?
4. Escort boat captain's cell phone:
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5. Escort boat description. Include length and model.
(ex) 22' Boston Whaler, all white, gray bimini
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6. What is the best way to contact you?
7. Many of our athletes have support crew. Can you accommodate 2 or more extra passengers safely on your boat?
Use this area to include any additional notes/requests for the M2O team.
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