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Task 5 - Balance Challenge
What is your name? (So we can tell your school how well you did)
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What year group are you in at School? *
Watch the video below to see the balance you are going to do (first balance).
Find something you can balance on your head (soft toy, pair of socks etc).
You are going to time how long you can stay in that balance with an object on your head.
Time stops when either the object falls off your head or you put two feet on the floor.
The longer you can balance the more points you gain.
Record your best score below.
Only one entry per person, closing day Tuesday 4pm.
Balance Challenge
How long did you balance for with the object on your head? *
Results will be sent to your school but you can follow all the challenges on our Facebook and Twitter pages @sspmoorlands.
We would love to see your attempts so please post us your videos!
If you completed the task you can download a certificate from https://www.yourschoolgames.com/sgo/biddulph/
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