Invitation to join our panel
The purpose of this invitation is to invite you to join our panel of market research.

What is a panel:
A panel in terms of market research a set of individuals (respondents) who have been pre-invited, pre- recruited and pre-agreed to participate in the studies such as telephonic interviews, online surveys, focus groups or online bulletin boards. Our projects mostly cover healthcare, technology, business to business services and other industry services.

We invite individuals/experts of different background to join our panel. To join the panel one would have to answer few questions here in the invitation.
Once you are registered in our panel database, we will contact you via e-mail when opportunities arise. (If you wish to participate, please make sure we are not blocked by your spam filter).
Every time we have a new survey for you to complete you will receive an email or a call telling you about the new survey - its topic, length of the survey, methodology and the incentives associated with the survey.

Please note: We will always prefer your conveniences for participation in any research and you could too attend/participate in surveys as per your convenient times. You are free to give pass to the surveys which you don’t intend to participate. And could participate only in those which interests you the most.  

We compensate for the efforts and the time spent by each individual whom we call respondents/participants in market research terms with incentives/honorarium ranging from USD $ 18 to $ 200 depending on survey qualification criteria's.  

Your information will be kept in strict confidence.
You will remain anonymous unless you give permission to be identified. Your responses will be added to the answers of other participants to provide an overall understanding. Your information will only be used for this purpose and will not be passed to any third party without your permission.

Your responses will be used only for report or content analysis or summary report or statistical tabulations, such as "10% more UAE residents valued Brand X". Your individual answers will never be revealed to anyone in a manner that reveals your identity.

Any information you provide is, will be treated as confidential; your responses will be combined with feedback from others like yourself.

1Lotus Research will not retain your personal data for longer than is necessary. At the end of the research project 1Lotus Research will redact (remove) your personal data no longer required for the project. This means that most of the personal data collected during the research project will be deleted and there is minimal personal data retained by 1Lotus Research.

Please note: You can opt out of panel at any point of time by just writing an email to 1Lotus Research team executive.

Market research guidelines followed:
1Lotus Research complies with all national laws protecting your personal data and is a member of ESOMAR, AQR, Insights Association and QRCA. 1Lotus Research also comply with Ethical code of conducts of Market Research Guidelines and country specific Market Research Guidelines, including but not limited to MRS and MRSI.

About us:
We are an independent market research company always looking for B2B, consumers and healthcare professionals across Asian, Middle Eastern and South African countries to participate in various projects.

1Lotus Research carries out research into healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical markets covering various segments, areas and target audiences. We conduct healthcare research fieldwork amongst patients, patient caretakers, physicians (across various specialties), nurses and other healthcare professionals, pharmacists, hospital managers and key opinion leaders (KOLs).

To know more about us, please feel free to visit our website: OR contact our operations team.
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