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To meet the world's emissions reduction targets, address the climate crisis, and implement low carbon technologies, we need to build a capable and diverse workforce motivated to accelerate the energy transition. Student Energy’s Leaders Fellowship will help you build up your skills, connect you to a global community of changemakers, and help prepare you to enter the workforce ready to tackle our world’s biggest challenges to accelerating climate action.

The Leaders Fellowship will guide you through an experiential learning program designed to provide you with future work skills training, energy knowledge, connections to global leaders, young professionals, global influencers in energy, and the hands-on experience you need to take action on climate change and contribute to the growth of our clean economy.

The 10-month program consists of virtual meetings with top energy leaders, mentoring sessions on how to get into the industry, and skills development from Student Energy coaches. All this is paired with a chance to implement your learning and make an impact through a community project. As an individual or with a team, you will brainstorm, design, and implement a project in your community that applies the knowledge and skills you gain through the course work in the Leaders Fellowship. The project is an opportunity to develop crucial project management skills while being supported by experienced coaches.

The deadline to apply is November 16th, 2020, 11:59 PST

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Before you Apply
When you apply to the Leaders program you can apply as an individual or as a team. Teams are groups of 2-5 folks you intend to work on the project with. We do need an application form from each individual team member.

If you don’t have an idea for a project that is ok, we have tools available that will help you decide on a project or event you want to pursue with your team. However, please come with an area or topic of interest that you wish to pursue a project in.

Team Project Requirements:
Your project is meant to be a project or event your team works on throughout the Leaders Fellowship that will be impactful in your community. The idea is to have a project that applies your new skills and learnings into a tangible experience for you and your team.

Examples Of Team Projects:
- Run a solar energy awareness campaign on your campus
- Conduct a research project on the implementation of electric scooters on your campus
- Write a policy recommendation on energy for your local government
- Design an energy literacy education program for kids and present it to a local high-school
- Design a one-day energy summit for your community
- Host an energy networking night bringing together industry and student who will soon be graduating

Timeline For Your Team Project:
Your team project can take place anytime after March 2021. This way we will be able to provide you with enough coaching support leading up to your event. However, your project does not need to be completed by the end of the Leaders Fellowship, it may continue beyond October 2021. Your success in the course is not dependent on the completion of a project prior to October 2021.

Scale of Project:
The minimum threshold for the scale of the project is 80 hours of work between your team over the course of the fellowship. We welcome projects of a larger scale, however, they will need to be discussed prior to commencing.

Team Requirements:
You can apply to the Leaders Fellowship as an individual. If you choose to participate as a team, these can be groups of 2 - 5 people. We want to make sure that everyone in the group has a chance to contribute to the team project. If you are thinking of a group larger than 5, let us know in your application.

** Each team member must fill out their own applications
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