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This current phase of the Parks and Rec Strategic Plan is a series of focus groups based on the priorities identified in a city-wide survey that was conducted over the past 4 months. If you are interested in joining one of the focus groups listed below, please fill out this survey form.

The public focus groups will run from April to July.

Current information can be found on the website at
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The focus groups topics are based on the priorities identified in a city-wide survey.

FOCUS GROUP #1 Maintenance: Advocacy & Stewardship:
Well maintained, clean amenities and facilities were rated as the highest priority for residents.
The majority of respondents, were part of a neighborhood organization, indicating an interest in park stewardship and continued advocacy on behalf of Detroit parks.
THIS GROUP IS TARGETED FOR PARK STEWARDS, including Park Friends groups, park ambassadors and those interested in advocating for one particular park.

In the nature and environment section the two highest priorities were: maintenance of natural spaces and access to natural spaces.

FOCUS GROUP #3 Fitness & Athletics
Year-round fitness opportunities was reported to be the third most important element to residents’ health and wellbeing in parks and rec. Athletics was a top rated activity for parks and rec centers, but may respondents also reported issues accessing athletics in neighborhoods,

FOCUS GROUP #4 Health & Centers
People reported wanting their rec centers to do more than before, to be resilient resource centers that adapt to people’s changing needs.
Unsurprisingly, amidst a pandemic respondents reported public health as a vital component to the parks and recreation system.

FOCUS GROUP #5 Safe Access
Residents reported that they want walkable access to parks, which feel safe. Some concerns (in order of priority) were crime, blight and traffic along the route. And the majority of residents reported that they have walked or biked to their local park, and 88% reported having used a Greenway in Detroit, such as the Riverwalk or Dequindre Cut.

The number one reason that keeps residents from using the Detroit parks and recreation system is lack of information about what is available. Collaborative marketing and working together to get the word out about parks and rec is critical to addressing this barrier and ensuring equal access. An essential goal throughout the survey was to provide a parks and recreation system that is welcoming to all.
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We don't take lightly all the other things you could be doing with your time right now, but know that your time and energy will help create a brighter and more enjoyable Detroit for all.

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