Your Musical Movie Soundtrack
This is pretty simple, and something that I've been thinking about for a while.

I'm asking you to choose four songs.

These songs would be in the soundtrack of a movie you controlled or directed, and correspond to some key "beats" in the movie. It can be any style of movie, or about anything. For each question, please give the artist and title of the song and/or a link to a YouTube video of the song.

1. The main/introduction theme
2. The love/emotional montage
3. The "getting ready"/exploring montage
4. Action theme
5. Sadness theme
6. Ending theme

This is just for fun - I'll post some of the best answers on my blog,

Thank you,
The main/introduction theme
The love/emotional montage
The "getting ready"/exploring montage
Action theme
Sadness theme
Ending theme
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