Landscaping Practices
This survey is being conducted to gather information on landscaping practices used in residential neighborhoods, and will be used as a part of graduate coursework in a Master’s program at Miami University. There are thirteen questions that you could potentially answer and the process should take no more than 10 minutes. Your responses and opinions will be presented anonymously and summaries will only be shared with members of a graduate class.
What is your zip code? *
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What is your age?
The total percentage of garden space compared to turf grass in my home landscape is?
What type of activities do you use your yard for? Rank the following options, 1 being most important and 4 being least important. *
My primary goal when gardening is?
I describe my gardening experience as:
How often do you work on your garden/landscape?
Do you like to attract wildlife through your landscaping?
What type of wildlife do you want to attract to your yard?
Are you facing any of these current conflicts with local wildlife?
What type of method are you using to resolve these conflicts?
What types of plants are present in your yard?
Of the five plant types listed in the prior question, which plant type comprises the highest percentage of your landscape?
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