Expression of Interest: Join Awesome Foundation Sydney as a Trustee
Hey there!

The Awesome Foundation is a global network of micro-giving chapters that give $1,000 of their own money every month to awesome projects. We're the Sydney chapter!

And here's what the New York Times had to say about the NYC chapter:

We fund out-there ideas that make Sydney more awesome. The ideas sometimes aren't so absurd: they can be super sensible, too. The catch? There isn’t one: there are no strings attached.

We’ve helped some great ideas get off the ground over the years:
*Heart and Soul Story, bringing teens and elderly people together in aged care facilities
*The Monstrosities, part of Art and About Sydney
*The Backyard Bus artist-in-residence program
*Aussie Native Bees
*Rainbow Families Penrith

We've funded all these, too:


Trustees join at least nine meetings per year, and pay $100 of their own money into the grant each month. We meet after work on the first Wednesday of every month in/around Sydney's CBD (usually in one of our offices), or via Zoom.

Ambassadors fill in at meetings on occasions a Trustee can't make it, at minimum once every six months. They don't contribute to the grants, but have full voting rights at the meeting.

Our Trustees and Ambassadors are all Sydney-based, socially-minded, and keen to spread the word about Awesome Foundation and awesome ideas through their extensive networks and communities.

We aspire for our Trustees to reflect the diversity of the communities we benefit. We openly encourage people with lived experience of our grant projects, as well as allies, to get involved. We welcome the unique contributions that you can bring to the table! 

We’re committed to this inclusivity, so if you require some adjustments to the process in order to apply, or be involved, please let us know. 


We'd love to hear from you. Please tell us about yourself below, and when we have a spot open we'll be in touch.

Awesome Foundation Sydney

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