Downtown Durand Survey
The City of Durand and the Durand Area Chamber of Commerce need your help to develop new strategies and economic development goals for downtown Durand. Whether you are a resident of Durand or of a neighboring community, if you shop, dine, or do business in downtown Durand we would like to hear from you!

In exchange for your participation you will be entered to win a prize package featuring gifts from Durand Area businesses (valued at $250). You must enter your email address and/or phone number at the end of this survey to be entered to win. However, contact information is not mandatory to complete the survey. If you choose to enter your contact information, it will not be connected to your survey results - your results will be tabulated anonymously

For the purposes of this survey the area in red is considered "downtown Durand".
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What is the most important characteristic or element for downtown Durand to maintain?
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What is one thing, if anything were possible, you would change about downtown Durand?
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How often do you visit downtown Durand to shop at a retail store?
How much do you estimate you spend during an average retail visit to downtown Durand?
How often do you visit downtown Durand to eat or drink?
How much do you estimate you spend on an average food or beverage purchase in downtown Durand?
When shopping or dining outside of downtown Durand, what types of businesses do you most often visit? (Please select your top 3) *
What types of businesses do you think downtown Durand should try to attract? (Please select your top 3) *
Do you think there should be less or more housing and rental units in downtown Durand?
Do you think the City of Durand should provide economic incentives for businesses to open in downtown Durand?
Definately not
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How important is job creation when considering economic incentives?
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Very important
Do you have any other recommendations about downtown Durand you would like us to consider?
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