2020 MLSFB Leagues Prize Eligibility Rules
Welcome to the official signup document for all leagues that are part of the MLS Fantasy Boss Network. If you are interested in winning a prize and taking part in any of the 2020 MLS Fantasy Leagues that are part of the MLSFB Network, then this is your first step.

Why do I have a signup? In the past it has been hard to track down the winners of my leagues. This signup will allow me to more easily contact the winners of league prizes.

Leagues Include
- MLS Fantasy Boss Official - Classic
- r/FantasyMLS Official - Classic
- MLSFI Patreon Exclusive (Additional Eligibility & Prize Rules Apply)

You must enter your contact information on this form to be eligible to win a prize in the MLSFB Official and r/FantasyMLS Official leagues. If you wish to enter the MLSFI Patreon league, you must become a Patreon supporter at https://www.patreon.com/MLSFI

Winners of the leagues will be determined by the standings at the end of MLS Fantasy seasons. Additionally, MLSFI Patreon Exclusive league members will be eligible for a monthly Scarf Prize!

Prizes will go to the Top 3 point earners in each league and Patreon scarf winners will be determined by random draw.

If a player qualifies for a prize in multiple leagues, they will receive the larger of the two prizes and the other prize will be awarded to the next eligible player.

Prize winners will be given 1 week to respond to the notification e-mail to claim their prize. If no response is received, the prize will be awarded to the next eligible player.

The same player WILL BE eligible to win a prize in both the Spring and Fall seasons.

1st Place = $50 MLS Gift Card
2nd Place = $25 MLS Gift Card
3rd Place = $15 MLS Gift Card

Questions about the league or prizes should be sent to: MLSFantasyBoss@gmail.com
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